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  • September 22, 2016


MPP Mangat’s private member’s Bill receives unanimous support

QUEEN’S PARK – This afternoon, MPP Amrit Mangat’s Bill to honour former Mississauga mayor “Hurricane” Hazel McCallion with a special day passed Second Reading with unanimous support. The Bill identifies the day to be February 14th, which is McCallion’s birthday.


The Bill hopes to raise the profile of McCallion as a role model for women, and in particular young women, in order to inspire them to pursue life paths as leaders in their community and professional lives.


Second Reading is a stage at which legislation is debated by MPPs (Members) from each political party and voted upon. If the majority of Members vote in favour of a bill it is referred to a committee to be further discussed and refined. When it leaves committee it is again presented to the Legislature for its final stage, Third Reading. Bills become law when they pass the vote at Third Reading and are given Royal Assent through the signature of the Lieutenant Governor.


Bill 16, the Hazel McCallion Day Act, was referred to the Standing Committee on Regulations and Private Bills.


Petitions are circulating throughout Mississauga to gather signatures in support of creating a day to honour Hazel McCallion and it is also found online at MPP Mangat’s website.





“The support Bill 16 has received from my colleagues demonstrates the power of McCallion’s example to women, young women and all Ontarians. Hazel’s life story is a unique and exceptional one, and one we can draw strength and wisdom from. We need women to be more engaged in volunteerism, leadership and public life because they have so much to offer the world. These women need to be are aware of the trailblazers who can inspire them.”

Amrit Mangat, MPP for Mississauga-Brampton South





MPP Amrit Mangat

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