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  • February 29, 2016

Ontario's Investments Creating Jobs for Today and Tomorrow

Government continues with its Plan to Grow the Economy, Create Jobs and Balance the Budget in 2017-2018



NEWS                                                                                                 Monday, February 29th, 2016


On Thursday, February 25th, our government released the 2016 Ontario Budget: Jobs for Today and Tomorrow, which outlines the next phase of our government’s plan to create jobs and economic growth.

We understand Ontarians are worried about the state of the economy and how it might affect them and their families. The 2016 budget will allow families and businesses to see how our government is building on its plan to create jobs and grow the economy, building more opportunity and ensuring greater financial security for people.

Our plan invests in our economy’s most important resource – our people – and demonstrates that our plan to eliminate the deficit is working, on target and on schedule. We will balance the budget next year, in 2017-18.

Some of the budget highlights include:

  • Transforming student assistance to make college and university tuition free for students with household incomes of $50,000 or lower and to make tuition more affordable for 250,000 students
  • Investing $333 million over 5 years to improve autism services for youth and children
  • Continuing our investment in the Hurontario LRT project and widening 12-kilometers of Highway 410 to help commuters save time, unlock the regional economy and make Ontario greener
  • Investing more than $160 billion over 12 years in vital infrastructure projects (roads, bridges, public transit, hospitals and schools) that spur the economy, sustain good jobs
  • Helping 170,000 seniors pay less for their prescription drugs by eliminating the $100 deductible for eligible Ontario Drug Benefit (ODB) recipients
  • Making the shingles vaccine available, free of charge, to eligible seniors
  • Providing $155 million in funding for hospices and palliative care over three years
  • Investing $130 million to improve cancer care services and preventative programs
  • Protecting universal access to healthcare with $345 million in funding for hospitals
  • Creating a “cap and trade” system that will create business opportunities for clean-tech companies, reduce carbon emissions and help battle climate change in Ontario
  • Committing $178 million to affordable housing to help end homelessness
  • Raising social assistance and ODSP rates by 1.5 percent
  • Providing $100 million to help homeowners to conduct energy audits and retrofits
  • Managing Ontario’s finances responsibly and tracking towards eliminating the budget deficit by 2017-18, as planned
  • Making everyday life easier by lowering hospital parking fees, making the Drive Clean test free, offering help to homeowners and businesses to afford electricity



“Ontario Budget 2016 demonstrates our government’s commitment to strengthening communities and the economy. The new Ontario Student Grant will mean post-secondary students from families earning less than $50,000 can graduate without debt.  Infrastructure projects like the Hurontario LRT and widening of Highway 410 will unlock the region’s economy and support thousands of good jobs.”

Amrit Mangat, MPP for Mississauga–Brampton South





  • To learn more about the 2016 Ontario Budget: Jobs for Today and Tomorrow, go to:






MPP Amrit Mangat

Mississauga-Brampton South

(905) 696-0367

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